Our task

For us, our vineyards are like a large orchestra; to work with them in an observant and respectful manner is our charge. To practise moderation, preserve balance and maintain a sense of reverence. This should not sound emotional, but rather express respect – and you will sense it in our wines.



For generations now we have lived in the region of Donnerskirchen, on the southeastern slopes of the Leitha Range. The continental, Pannonian-flavoured climate – with its modest annual precipitation, its hot and dry summers – provides the basic premise for our wine culture.


The lake

Lake Neusiedl and its temperature-regulating effect enhance the conditions for viticulture. It’s similar to a mature love, the way we feel ourselves to be conjoined with our region.
We allow ourselves to be inspired and encouraged by nature. We trust in nature, and express this trust further in our wines.

Nature & technology – nature provides our sensorial basis

Yes, the grapes need a hospitable climate, but they also need to be faced with challenges, under which they must strive and survive. We watch carefully: to see what is suited, what rings true, what is appropriate and what must be changed.