What inspires us.

We experience a sense of wonder and learn with the seasons.  Because wondrous things come to pass every year. The sense of wonder continually enriches our work anew.

Our craft

As artisans working with wine – that is how we regard ourselves. And our craft is informed by a running dialogue between our hands and our heads, coupled with years of experience.


That which people do out of passion and joy, they do with the utmost spontaneity. We see ourselves as obligated to this sense of freedom, which is the hallmark of our wines. Wines, which express intensity and depth of fruit, spicy and mineral-driven: as elegant as they are assertive, with multifaceted aromatic profiles; thats how we describe them. And in a wide selection of grape varieties, outstanding Grüner Veltliner flourishes above all – these vines grow in meagre slate-soil sites on the Leithaberg, and we vinify our Grüner Veltliner in four different variations.



Our vineyards are a part of our soul,
and our soul requires a healthy an undamaged enviroment.
Nature has no sense of mass production.
Year after year it brings forth distinctive forms.
Always multifacetted, widely varied.

Leopold Sommer

Behind the scenes